Environment and quality

Eco-friendly purchases

We select products and suppliers with great care and in such a way as we safeguard the environment. Does your company have a large commitment to the environment or are you perhaps even on the road to environmental certifying your company, we are your prefered partner.
The right product is delivered to the right place at the right time and at the right price.

Environmental concerns are one of the cornerstones of Kaizen Emballage AB. Regulatory requirements must be met and the prevailing laws shall be considered as the minimum requirement level. In addition to this, we work actively to prevent pollution. A desire to always be able to satisfy customers and stakeholders better, and increase environmental correctness which is obvious for us at Kaizen Emballage AB, which makes the process of continuous improvement to a natural and important part of our daily operations. We will create a sense of security among clients, suppliers and employees by involving all parties to a viable and serious business. All employees are responsible for quality and environmental concerns in their work and thereby contribute to the overall quality and environmental awareness which is built-in our management and organization. When all employees’ skills and commitment is a prerequisite for achieving goals we offer continuous education and a stimulating work environment. Kaizen Emballage AB should be seen as a modern and environmentally conscious company and is associated with the best product selection and service.

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