Center Manufacture

Center Manufacture

We develop and design from the 1/1 2015 punches then we have hired a designer, Peter Nilsson with extensive experience in the development of punches and solutions for the packaging and printing industry. We have also expanded our fleet so we have our own manufacturing town in the plant in Skurup.

This enables us to give you solutions and prices faster and you are also able to buy stamps directly from us.

Kaizen Packaging produces all kinds of cardboard boxes in all FEFCO designs. Our strength is that we produce packaging that is made to measure according to customer needs in our own production, fast delivery times and shorter runs, even with pressure. We manufacture cardboard boxes in all sizes and quantities and we also manufacture customized cushioning fittings well to protect the packaged product. Our machine park consists among other things of Automatdigelstans, Digelstans, Isowa In-line machine with printing in 2 colors, Autobox, Roller Scissors, Leather Pack, etc. Do you need to get the boxes based on your specific needs so we design it and cut out a sample so you can see and test the package before we start production. By using the cut sample material for production as we ensure that you get exactly the package you ordered.

We use most types of corrugated board from F-flute (0.7mm) to the BC-flute (7mm) Plastic Well (Plastwellens characteristics are similar to corrugated cardboard with the big difference that it is moisture resistant and suitable for outdoor storage. Thanks to plastwellens long lifetime and the resistance it is ideal as returnable packaging. the material is resistant to fatigue seeks return to its original flatness. Plastic Well is a two-layer board material with a very low weight. Plastic Well is resistant to most alkalis, acids and oils. You can also quickly sterilize the material again using heated water or steam.), cured corrugated (IW, Interwell is a patented product in environmentally friendly hard hardened corrugated cardboard, which combines corrugated advantages in terms of weight, recovery of 100%, flexibility and price with the characteristics of the plywood in terms of strength, staplingstålighet and bearing capacity. in other words, an extremely strong yet thin material with low weight), Wood, Foam Cushioning and special pouches (buffer supplied as pouches or flat and made of reinforced polyethylene. They are shipped flat and inflated before packing the product. We develop these stumbling to suit your specific needs of shock absorption and transport security.)

Press boxes

Do you have pressure on your boxes so we do even this today from the one-color

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