Corrugated paper

Corrugated packaging is a material with many  possibilities. It is both lightweight and strong, while the materials is produced in an “efficient” manner. Since the cardboard is easy to customize, packages in this material are produced in almost all designs.

Common to all corrugated materials are fluting, corrugated (From German “Welle”, ie wave). Wave height and the distance between them determines the material wave profile, graduated from A to F. For a closer description of the wave profiles quality requirements and tests carried out clic here!

On the fluting plane, layers of paper are then glued, liner, in one or more layers. For an overview of the quality we provide clic here!

We have chosen to divide our corrugated products in the following categories:

* Transport packaging (FEFCO)
* Displays
* Cartons
* Packages with printing
* Decoration materials
* Corrugated pallets
* Asbestos Locks (Calle)

When ordering special packaging, we use CAD equipment for the production of samples. These samples are produced in a plotter, works as a basis for approval when weproduce stamps for production.

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