EUPS, or End Use Performance Standard as it is read, in terms of quality requirements for corrugated cardboard. This is to have a universal standard that is viable across Europe. The material must comply with certain values in a range of tests which are described more closely below.

* Edge Crusher Test
Edge crush resistence test also known as ECT-value and the value contribute to how well the material stacks. The test is carried out by force applied in the corrugated waves length direction and how much force that was needed to crush it.
* Bursting Strength
The test shows the corrugated resistance against rough handling. Here the corrugated is measured in toughness and how much pressure it can withstand when it is put under load between two annular plates.
* Plan Crusher Press
Also known as the FCT value. This test measures the strength of fluting and corrugated board’s ability to withstand compression. This is done by corrugated fibreboard subjected to pressure applied perpendicularly to the plane layer.
* Rigidity
This characteristic also contributes to the corrugated board stacking strength. Stiffness is a measure of how much the corrugated resists bending. The quality oif the liner and corrugated paper thickness is an important part in this operation.

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