Corrugated production

Corrugated is a lightweight, flexible and affordable packaging. As stronger qualities of well is being developed, the material can be used for more demanding packaging, either as standalone or in combination with wood or plywood.

Our strength is that we produce packing in dimensions that are tailored to our customers needs in our own production, fast delivery times and shorter runs, even with printing. We manufacture boxes in all sizes and quantities and we also manufacture customized cushioning interior manufactured in corrugated well to protect the packed product.

For the product to arrive undamaged to your customer, it requires that your product is secured and protected from shocks with absorbing materials. We work with almost any absorbing materials. Examples of packaged products are printed circuit boards, gables, corner protectors and special fittings.

We offer the ability to use a complete packaging solution from bag, furnishings, to the outer box packaging and containers, possibly in different materials. Our goal is to provide our customers with an optimal packaging solution for protection, economy.

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