• All work is based on close cooperation between Kaizen and You as a customer. Kaizen strives to delivery your order at the right time, at right place at the right quality and at the right cost. A high level of craftsmanship is characterized by the absence of surprises.
  • The number of suppliers is minimized by Kaizen taking responsibility for sourcing of non-business critical items and stock them at our own inventory.
  • The number of purchase orders will be reduced by grouping all purchases to Kaizen. We also offer cabinet replenishment.
  • The number of deliveries is kept at a minimum by collecting supplies at Kaizen.
  • The number of invoices is dramatically reduced by collecting the purchases from Kaizen.
  • Reduce obsolescence by Kaizen takes over responsibility for the stock.
  • Working capital freed by Kaizen keeping stock and distribute.
  • Shipping costs reduced by collecting the purchasing and distribution at Kaizen.

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